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4 Best Treats For Border Collie Puppies (Updated!)

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We each adore giving our Border Collies a yummy treat. But conjecture what? Not each treats are bully for them. Many are not patient astatine all!

Treats make your Border Collie happy, truthful it’s bully to prime ones that are tasty and patient too.

This article will thief you cognize each astir treats for your Border Collie pup!

What we’ll talk about:

  • 4 Best treats for Border Collie puppies
  • What makes a dainty really bully for your pup?
  • Do small pups request different treats than grown-up dogs?
  • How galore treats tin you springiness your Border Collie pup?
best treats for separator collies

4 Best Treats for Border Collies Puppies (and adults)

I’ve put a batch of thought into this list. I’ve tried these treats pinch my ain Border Collies and talked to different Border Collie owners arsenic well.

These treats are awesome for Border Collie puppies and moreover for nan grown-up ones. They’re either patient aliases not bad for your pup. Also, they’re small, truthful they won’t messiness pinch their appetite aliases teeth.

1. Zukes Puppy Naturals

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Zukes Puppy Naturals are our No.1 prime for Border Collie puppies.

These treats are ace cool. Me and my friends person been utilizing them for our Border Collie pups and we’re really happy. I conscionable gave 1 to my pup!

These treats are afloat of bully worldly and skip nan bad worldly that different brands have. They besides person very fewer calories. So, your pup won’t summation other weight aliases suffer liking successful their regular food.

Why these treats are fab for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Low calories (3-5) – Perfect for training
✅ Really yummy for pups
✅ Don’t messiness pinch mealtime
✅ Easy to chew and bully for teeth
✅ Only good, earthy ingredients
✅ Extra vitamins and minerals
✅ Has bully fats for illustration DHA and EPA for increasing pups
✅ Made successful nan USA
✅ No clone worldly for illustration colors aliases preservatives
✅ No soy, wheat, aliases maize
✅ No atom astatine all

There are different flavors, but astir of america pinch Border Collies prime nan salmon & chickpea one. Our pups emotion it.

I cognize it sounds for illustration I’m nan instrumentality nine president, but these treats really are that good.

➡️ View Zukes Puppy Naturals here

2. Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

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Wellness Soft Puppy Bites are besides awesome. They’re almost arsenic bully arsenic Zukes. The lamb & salmon spirit is simply a hit.

These treats are mini and soft. They’re awesome for a Border Collie pup’s teeth and tummy.

The treats person TWO kinds of existent meat. So, they’re packed pinch macromolecule and bully stuff.

And conjecture what? No bad worldly for illustration clone colors, flavors aliases thing for illustration that.

Why these treats are awesome for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Full of fresh, bully ingredients
✅ Has DHA for your increasing pup
✅ Easy to chew and gentle connected nan tummy
✅ Super yummy
✅ Great for training
✅ Low successful calories (just 6 per treat)
✅ Made successful nan USA
✅ No bad ingredients: nary wheat, fillers, aliases soy
✅ Nothing fake: nary colors aliases flavors
✅ No grain

People emotion these treats. They’re a spot cheaper than Zukes too. My pup loves them arsenic overmuch arsenic Zukes.

I for illustration Zukes a spot more, but these are really close. They person a fewer much calories, but it’s not a large deal.

➡️ View Wellness Soft Puppy Bites here

3. Spot Farms All Natural Dog Treats

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If you’re looking for treats that consciousness for illustration homemade, Spot Farms is nan apical choice.

These treats are a spot bigger and harder. But they’re bully for puppies older than 5 months.

You tin break them into mini pieces if you want. That’s a bully idea.

These treats are really precocious quality. Believe it aliases not, group could eat them too! They meet quality nutrient standards.

Spot Farms thinks if it’s not bully for us, it’s not bully for our dogs.

The treats person simple, caller ingredients. Every wound is patient and free from bad stuff.

Why these treats are awesome for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Top-notch, for illustration quality nutrient
✅ Fresh and elemental ingredients
✅ Very yummy for pups
✅ No bad worldly astatine each
✅ Made successful mini batches to quality nutrient rules
✅ Chickens from family farms successful Kentucky
✅ One of nan champion treats you tin bargain
✅ No grain

These treats costs a spot more. But nan value is worthy it. If you want only nan champion for your pup, spell for Spot Farms.

➡️ View Spot Farms All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats

4. Cloud Star Tricky Puppy Treats

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Cloud Star Tricky Trainers are besides a large hit. They’re awesome for Border Collie puppies.

Each dainty has conscionable 3 calories. They’re made from bully worldly for illustration full salmon. And they’re cleanable for training.

💡 These treats person grain. Some pups are okay pinch that. There are different views connected grain, and studies show some bully and bad. So, I’ve added this action for those who want atom successful treats.

I for illustration these treats because my pup likes them. One container has astir 130 treats, truthful they last. Plus, they’re not greasy aliases oily.

The treats break isolated easily. So, they’re gentle connected your pup’s teeth and tummy.

Why these treats are bully for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Low successful calories
✅ Super yummy, awesome for training
✅ Small and soft, easy connected teeth and tummy
✅ Made from really bully ingredients
✅ No bad worldly aliases clone worldly
✅ No wheat, soy, aliases maize
✅ Made successful nan USA
✅ Approved by nan AKC for bully canine training

If you want treats pinch grain, this is simply a apical prime for your Border Collie pup!

➡️ View Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Puppy Treat

What Makes a Good Puppy Treat? 😋

When picking a dainty for your Border Collie pup, location are cardinal things to look for. You want treats that are patient and safe.

Here’s what to deliberation astir erstwhile choosing:

  • Soft and mini
  • Low successful calories
  • No clone flavors, colors aliases preservatives
  • No worldly for illustration wheat, corn, soy, gluten
  • No fillers aliases different bad worldly
  • Has caller ingredients first
  • Extra vitamins, minerals, and bully fats for illustration omega 3, DHA, aliases EPA
  • Made successful nan USA
  • Lots of bully reviews and useful good for pups
  • These are nan basics that a bully puppy dainty should have.

By looking for these things, you’re picking a high-quality dainty that will apt beryllium bully for your Border Collie pup.

About grain: it’s a tricky topic. Some treats person it, immoderate don’t. Some group and studies opportunity grain-free is better, but it’s not clear-cut. My proposal is to do a spot of investigation aliases talk to your vet to decide.

Do Puppies Need Different Treats Than Adults?

🦴 Should your Border Collie puppy person different treats than an big dog?

It depends connected nan treat.

A pup tin eat immoderate dainty if:

✅ It’s not excessively large
✅ It’s soft and easy to chew
✅ It’s debased successful calories
✅ It’s healthy

The problem pinch big canine treats is they tin beryllium big, hard, and person much calories. This isn’t awesome for a pup.

Puppy teeth are not arsenic beardown arsenic big teeth until astir 8 months. So, soft treats are amended for them.

Also, treats for pups should beryllium mini and debased successful calories. You mightiness springiness treats often during early training. You don’t want nan treats to messiness pinch their hunger aliases make them summation excessively overmuch weight.

How Many Treats Can Border Collies Have?

When training your Border Collie pup, treats thief a lot. They make learning faster and support your pup happy. But really galore treats are okay successful 1 day?

If you usage low-calorie treats for illustration Zukes, Wellness, aliases Tricky Trainers, each dainty is astir 3-6 calories. So, you tin springiness rather a fewer earlier you request to stop.

Vets opportunity nary much than 10% of your pup’s regular calories should travel from treats.

Regular puppy nutrient has each nan nutrients they need. So, treats should ne'er beryllium much than 10% of their regular food.

How galore treats you tin springiness depends connected your pup’s property and really galore calories they request each day. Just make judge treats are nary much than 10% of that.

AgeDaily CaloriesMax Treat Calories
8 weeks400-60040-60
12 weeks900-110090-110
4 months1400-1600140-160
6 months1000-1200100-120
10 months900-110090-110
12 months800-110080-110

To find retired really galore treats you tin give, disagreement nan dainty calories by nan calories successful each treat.

Like, if your pup is 12 weeks aged and you’re giving Zukes (4 calories each), they tin person 22-27 treats.

And don’t hide to trim down their regular nutrient by 10% if you’re giving 10% successful treats.

So, what treats are you utilizing for your Border Collie pup? Share pinch me!


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