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5 Reasons Your Pit Bull Is So Clingy (& What To Do)

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If you’ve noticed that your Pit Bull is acting ace clingy, you’re astir apt wondering, truthful what and erstwhile did this each start!?

A batch of times, Pit Bulls go clingy because they’re saturated aliases not getting capable exercise. Just for illustration us, they request beingness and intelligence activities to consciousness happy. Usually, you tin extremity nan needy behaviour by giving your Pit Bull a bully regular routine.

clingy pit bull

What does it mean erstwhile your Pit Bull is clingy?

First, let’s clear thing up: Just because your Pit Bull is simply a spot clingy now and past doesn’t mean they’re ever “needy.”

Sometimes your Pit Bull mightiness conscionable want your attraction for a bully reason.

So, what’s existent needy behavior?

  • When your Pit Bull can’t time off your side, not moreover for a fewer minutes
  • When your Pit Bull starts crying arsenic soon arsenic you’re not astir
  • When your Pit Bull keeps pursuing you everyplace you spell
  • When your Pit Bull jumps connected you nan infinitesimal you’re successful nan aforesaid room
  • When your Pit Bull conscionable stares astatine you, for illustration they’re waiting for you to do something

When your pit bull engages successful nan behaviors listed above, that’s erstwhile you cognize your Pit Bull is really needy.

5 Reasons Why Your Pit Bull Is Clingy & Needy

Below are nan 5 main reasons that Pit Bulls, successful particular, go overly needy.

Which 1 applies to your Pitty will require reasoning astir their routine, regular life, habits, and whether aliases not they are lacking thing from their day-to-day.

1. Under stimulation (mental & physical)

Pit Bulls are smart and afloat of energy. They’re bred to beryllium progressive and deliberation connected their feet.

If your Pit Bull isn’t getting capable workout and intelligence fun, they’ll get saturated really quick. And conjecture what? They’ll look to you to make their time better! This tin look for illustration clingy behaviour if it happens a lot.

How to Fix It:

Take your Pit Bull for a 45-minute locomotion aliases play convention successful nan morning. Then do different 30-45 minutes successful nan evening.

Breaking up their workout for illustration this helps them consciousness relaxed during nan day. Plus, it gets free of each that other power they have.

For encephalon fun, purpose for astatine slightest 1 hr a time of things that make them think. This could beryllium school them caller tricks, gathering caller canine friends, playing pinch puzzle toys, doing sniffing games, aliases exploring caller places.

Keeping them engaged successful some assemblage and mind is really important.

2. Accidentally reinforcing clingy behavior

Sometimes, without meaning to, you tin thatch your Pit Bull to beryllium clingy. How? By really you enactment erstwhile they’re clingy.

Dogs deliberation beautiful simply. When they want your attention, you either springiness it aliases you don’t. If you springiness it correct erstwhile they ask, they think, “Great, I did nan correct thing!”

So, you tin spot really your Pit Bull mightiness study to support acting clingy.

What to Do:

You’ll request to beryllium beardown and not springiness successful erstwhile your Pit Bull is acting needy. Yep, it’s tough, but you gotta do it.

Don’t springiness them immoderate attraction erstwhile they’re acting clingy.

Instead, springiness them a batch of praise and possibly a dainty erstwhile they’re acting nan measurement you want. Like, erstwhile they’re playing by themselves aliases conscionable chilling out.

If you do this, soon your Pit Bull will study they get much emotion erstwhile they’re not being clingy.

3. Their age

Sometimes, Pit Bulls get clingy arsenic they get older. This is really beautiful communal for each kinds of dogs.

Older dogs often consciousness for illustration they request to beryllium adjacent to their owners each nan time.

While it’s bully to springiness older dogs a batch of love, beryllium observant you’re not making them excessively clingy.

What to Do:

Try to get your older Pit Bull to do things by themselves. Like eating without you being correct there.

Let different group successful your location springiness your Pit Bull immoderate love, too. This way, it’s not conscionable you they’re focused on.

Your Pit Bull mightiness besides consciousness amended if they tin play pinch different dogs. It helps them not conscionable deliberation astir you each nan time.

But make judge nan different canine is simply a bully lucifer for your Pit Bull. Like, if your Pit Bull is older, they mightiness for illustration playing pinch different older canine alternatively of a bouncy puppy.

4. Separation worry (disguised arsenic neediness)

Separation worry is simply a large woody and tin hap to Pit Bulls, too.

This is erstwhile your canine gets ace upset if you’re not around.

People tin operation this up pinch conscionable being clingy, but it’s measurement much serious.

When a clingy canine can’t beryllium pinch you, they’re usually okay. But a canine pinch separation worry freaks retired if you’re gone.

Signs your canine mightiness person separation anxiety:

They shingle and enactment jittery
They sound a batch and drool
They whine and outcry really large
They pee aliases poop wrong moreover if they’ve been extracurricular
They enactment retired and mightiness destruct worldly
They effort to get retired erstwhile you’re not location
They get tense erstwhile they spot you getting fresh to time off

If you deliberation your Pit Bull has separation anxiety, talk to a vet aliases a canine trainer. They tin thief you fig retired what to do.

This is often times a analyzable rumor that tin beryllium difficult to resolve, aliases astatine slightest it will return a agelong clip of reversing nan triggers for your Pitty to go calm erstwhile unsocial again.

5. Health issues

Sometimes erstwhile dogs aren’t emotion well, they enactment needy.

If your Pit Bull is sick aliases hurting, they mightiness want to beryllium adjacent you to consciousness better.

If you announcement your Pit Bull being much clingy than usual, it’s a bully thought to cheque if they’re okay.

You should return them to nan vet for a check-up conscionable to make judge everything’s fine.

Most times, location won’t beryllium immoderate wellness issues making them enactment needy. But it’s ever bully to check.

Finding retired early tin thief dainty and negociate immoderate wellness problems they mightiness have.

Are Pit Bulls Prone to Needy Behavior successful General?

You mightiness beryllium wondering if Pit Bulls are conscionable people clingy dogs.

Well, it’s not that simple.

Pit Bulls are ace loving and they really for illustration being astir people. They’re besides smart and energetic. So yeah, they for illustration attention, but that doesn’t mean they person to beryllium clingy.

Whether a Pit Bull becomes needy aliases not really depends connected really you raise them. Remember each nan worldly we talked about?

Exercise, intelligence games, not rewarding clingy behavior, and checking for wellness issues? Those things tin make a large difference.

If owners return bully attraction of them and support their mind and assemblage busy, they’re little apt to enactment needy.

But if you fto them get saturated aliases springiness successful erstwhile they’re clingy, past they mightiness commencement acting needy much often.

So, it’s not that Pit Bulls are people prone to being needy. It’s much astir really they’re taken attraction of. Keep them happy and busy, and you’ll apt person a chill, happy Pit Bull.

Why It’s Super Important to Stop Needy Behavior

You mightiness consciousness for illustration it’s not a large woody if your Pit Bull is simply a spot clingy.

But actually, it’s really important to extremity this behavior. Here’s why:

When you fto them beryllium clingy, they commencement to deliberation they ever request to beryllium pinch you. And conjecture what? This tin easy move into a overmuch bigger problem called separation anxiety.

Separation worry is really reliable to handle. It’s stressful for some you and your dog. Your Pit Bull tin get really upset erstwhile you’re not around, and that’s not nosy for anyone.

So it’s measurement amended to extremity nan clingy behaviour now, earlier it turns into thing measurement harder to woody with. That way, your canine learns to beryllium happy moreover erstwhile you’re not correct there. And you won’t person to interest astir dealing pinch a large problem later on.

Thanks for reading!

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