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Border Collie Obsessed With Cats: 5 Reasons & What To Do

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If you person a Border Collie who can’t look to get capable of your cat, you’re not alone!

Whether you’ve sewage a collie and a feline nether nan aforesaid roof, aliases your collie is fixated connected them erstwhile extracurricular connected a walk, this article answers everything.

border collie obsessed pinch cats

5 Reasons Why Border Collies Obsess Over Cats

Let’s tally done nan main reasons down a collie’s curiosity pinch cats.

Herding Instinct

First, let’s talk astir nan “herding instinct.” Border Collies are known for this. They were bred to herd sheep and support them safe. When your canine sees your cat, their herding small heart whitethorn footwear in.

Your canine mightiness effort to stitchery nan feline for illustration it would pinch sheep. This is wholly normal for this breed. It’s conscionable really they are wired. But don’t worry. Training tin thief power this instinct.


Border Collies are very playful. They person a batch of energy. Cats are besides playful but successful a different way. So, your canine whitethorn conscionable want to play pinch nan cat.

Remember, not each cats for illustration to play nan aforesaid measurement dogs do. Some cats mightiness get frightened aliases annoyed. It’s ever bully to support an oculus retired erstwhile they are playing together.


Dogs are people funny animals. Your Border Collie mightiness conscionable beryllium really willing successful your cat. Cats are speedy and tin jump high. This could beryllium ace breathtaking for your dog.

Your canine mightiness emotion watching nan feline aliases moreover pursuing it around. This isn’t usually thing to interest about. But if nan feline seems upset, it mightiness beryllium bully to springiness them immoderate space.

Hunting Instinct

Now, let’s touch connected nan “hunting instinct.” Even though Border Collies are not hunting dogs, they still person immoderate of those aged instincts. They mightiness spot a mini animal for illustration a feline and get really focused.

However, this is little communal successful Border Collies compared to different breeds. Plus, astir of nan time, they don’t mean immoderate harm. They’re conscionable interested. Again, it’s each astir watching their behaviour and training them well.

Social Animals

Both dogs and cats are societal animals. They for illustration being pinch others. Your Border Collie mightiness conscionable beryllium trying to make a friend.

If your canine is young aliases hasn’t been astir cats much, this could beryllium moreover much true. It’s a caller acquisition for them. Who doesn’t emotion making caller friends?

Here’s a awesome video astir separator collies, cats, and really they get along:

Are All Collies So Obsessed With Cats?

It’s easy to deliberation each Border Collies enactment nan same. But conjecture what? They don’t! Each canine is unique. Some Border Collies mightiness not attraction astir cats astatine all.

Personality plays a large role. Some dogs are conscionable much laid-back. Others are much excited and curious. It’s a batch for illustration really group are different too.

Also, experiences matter. If a Border Collie has been astir cats a lot, they mightiness beryllium much utilized to them. This could mean they are little obsessed. But a canine that has ne'er seen a feline earlier mightiness beryllium ace interested.

So, no, not each Border Collies are obsessed pinch cats. Just for illustration people, dogs person their ain likes and dislikes.

Does Your Collie Pose a Risk to Cats? What To Do

So, you’re worried your Border Collie mightiness really wounded a cat? That’s a superior concern. Let’s talk astir what to do.

Step 1: Assess nan Risk

First, deliberation astir really your collie acts. Does he conscionable bark a lot? Or does he effort to pursuit aliases moreover bite? The much fierce nan behavior, nan bigger nan risk.

Step 2: Keep Control

Always support your collie connected a leash, particularly successful areas wherever you mightiness spot cats. This is nan champion measurement to support power if your canine gets excited aliases aggressive.

Step 3: Muzzle Maybe?

If your collie poses a existent risk, see a muzzle. This tin support some your canine and nan feline safe. But remember, a muzzle is not a semipermanent fix. It’s conscionable to thief support things safe for now.

Step 4: Seek Expert Help

If you deliberation there’s a large risk, it’s clip to telephone an expert. This could beryllium a vet aliases a canine trainer. They tin thief fig retired why your canine acts this measurement and really to make it better.

Step 5: Work connected Training

Training is key. The much your collie listens to you, nan safer everyone is. So activity connected training each day. It tin really make a difference.

If you’re worried your canine mightiness wounded a cat, it’s ace important to return steps to hole this. Always purpose for information first. With immoderate thief and difficult work, you tin thatch your canine to beryllium better.


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