Can Shelties swim? – Do they even like water?

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When you deliberation of nan word “water dog”, nan Shetland Sheepdog, commonly referred to arsenic nan Sheltie, is astir apt a breed that wouldn’t moreover transverse your mind. They person nary history of swimming successful their breeding. Can they moreover aquatics aliases for illustration h2o for that matter?

Can Shelties swim?

Yes, Shelties tin swim. Although swimming is an instinctive behaviour galore Shelties don’t for illustration to aquatics while others perfectly emotion it. Ultimately it depends connected nan individual Sheltie. Whether they emotion it aliases not they will request immoderate training and conditioning and whitethorn require a slow preamble to get utilized to it.

Even Shelties who whitethorn not beryllium keen astatine first tin beryllium desensitized and trained to aquatics and often will extremity up loving it complete time. Shelties are progressive dogs that bask exercise, are group orientated, and are very receptive to training. This intends they are very trainable erstwhile it comes to being introduced to nan water.

Do Shelties for illustration water?

Ultimately whether a Sheltie likes h2o aliases not comes down to nan individual dog. Some Shelties whitethorn perfectly dislike being adjacent nan h2o aliases moreover getting wet. Most Shelties do bask playing and splashing astir and often bask moving astir nether a sprinkler.

Even a Sheltie that initially seems to dislike nan h2o tin beryllium conditioned and study to really bask h2o activities.

Benefits of swimming for Shelties

There are galore benefits for your Sheltie to spell swimming. These include

Energy burning exercise

Swimming for dogs is 1 of nan champion exercises for them. It will tyre them retired quickly. Ten minutes of continuous swimming is nan balanced of going for a 30 to 40-minute walk. Great for owners who person a canine pinch a batch of pent-up energy, but are short connected time.

Shelties are progressive dogs that request to merchandise pent-up energy. Swimming is astir apt 1 of nan fastest ways to do this. For much on Sheltie exercise with suggestions see here.

Swimming is besides an fantabulous workout to fortify and build musculus on pinch nan bosom and lungs. By having to push their limbs done nan guidance of nan water, nan muscles get a bully workout.

Low effect activity

Floating successful h2o takes your Sheltie’s assemblage weight disconnected their joints and tendons. If your Sheltie has associated aliases tendon injuries aliases is recovering from room swimming is awesome for rehabilitation.

In addition, dogs that suffer from Hip aliases Elbow dysplasia aliases arthritis tin use greatly from swimming arsenic it helps to support their joints mobile without putting undue accent connected them. Hydrotherapy is becoming a celebrated intends to dainty and rehabilitate injured dogs.

Cool disconnected successful basking weather

Another advantage of taking your Sheltie swimming is that it is simply a awesome measurement to cool disconnected successful nan basking weather. Shelties are mostly tolerant of hotter weather.  Even though nan Sheltie is good suited for warmer temperatures it is still important not to overwork them successful basking weather. All dogs tin suffer from overheating aliases power stroke. Swimming tin beryllium a bully measurement to cool off.

It is besides important to understand that swimming is simply a strenuous activity truthful they tin still overheat. Give them plentifulness of remainder if swimming connected a very basking day.

How to thatch a Sheltie really to swim

Ideally, school your Sheltie to aquatics and beryllium assured astir h2o erstwhile they are a puppy is best. An big Sheltie tin beryllium taught to swim, but this whitethorn return immoderate patience. It should beryllium taken slow to not put them off.

You should put a lifejacket connected your Sheltie erstwhile first learning to swim. This will thief to springiness them assurance by giving them much buoyancy. In addition, canine lifejackets person a grip connected them truthful you tin clasp your Sheltie up aliases moreover drawback them easy if they statesman to panic.

It is champion to commencement disconnected successful shallow h2o truthful they tin scope nan bottom. This will let them to go comfortable and summation confidence.

Once they are calm and relaxed successful nan shallow water, you tin return them retired truthful their paws don’t scope nan bottom. In astir cases, they will simply commencement to doggie paddle.

Stay adjacent to your Sheltie to support them calm by holding connected to nan grip connected their lifejacket. Ensure you support your assemblage and limb a small measurement from them to debar getting kicked and scratched if they commencement thrashing around.

Remember to beryllium diligent and enactment calm. If your Sheltie is panicking aliases becoming anxious let them to time off nan h2o and person a rest. Then springiness it different go.

Getting your Sheltie to participate nan water.

The astir difficult measurement successful school your Sheltie to aquatics is getting them successful nan water. Once they are successful and their paws don’t scope nan bottommost they will instinctively commencement to doggie paddle.

The Lure Method

This attack is based connected affirmative reinforcement. Using a dainty aliases their favourite toy, lure them into nan shallow water. Reward them by holding nan dainty supra their nose. This will thatch them to clasp their caput up retired of nan water.

Gradually promote them to spell into deeper h2o rewarding them arsenic you go. Hold them by nan grip connected nan lifejacket aliases person your manus underneath them for support. Once they look assured you tin trim nan support and treats.

Leash Pressure Method

Leash unit is what is known successful canine training arsenic antagonistic reinforcement. Positive and antagonistic successful canine training don’t mean bully aliases bad. Positive is erstwhile you adhd thing for nan wanted behaviour (a dainty aliases reward), and antagonistic is erstwhile you reenforce nan behaviour by removing something. In this case, it is nan unit connected nan leash.

Get successful nan h2o holding nan leash attached to your Sheltie. Pull nan leash tight. You are not pulling aliases dragging your Sheltie, but simply keeping unit connected nan leash. Once they move person to nan water, nan unit will beryllium released. This signals to them that this is nan wanted response.

Carry them in

It is amended to get your Sheltie to participate nan h2o connected their ain arsenic successful nan supra 2 suggestions. However, being a mini canine you tin simply prime them up and transportation them into nan water. Once you are some successful nan h2o little them down until their paws participate nan water. They will astir apt instinctively commencement to doggie paddle.

Once they are assured and floating and paddling connected their ain you tin fto them go. You whitethorn want to connect a leash to nan lifejacket conscionable truthful you tin support control.

Water information for Shelties

Shelties mostly tin beryllium beardown swimmers owed to their diversion expertise erstwhile they are confident. However, it is important to ever supervise your Sheltie erstwhile swimming. There are immoderate imaginable risks and information issues that request to beryllium understood. Things you should beryllium alert of see –


The astir evident consequence and information facet erstwhile swimming your Sheltie is nan imaginable of drowning.  It is highly recommended that you put a lifejacket connected your Sheltie, astatine slightest while they are learning to swim.

View dog lifejackets on Amazon here.

Even nan astir assured and knowledgeable swimmer tin tyre and go fatigued. If your Sheltie is showing signs of fatigue region them from nan h2o to rest. If their rear extremity goes beneath nan h2o don’t hold for them to correct themselves. They will beryllium improbable to recover.

Always supervise your Sheltie erstwhile astir water. It is besides a bully thought to study astir canine first assistance including CPR and giving rima to nose. It is amended to cognize what to do earlier it is needed.

Swallowing water

Many dogs return successful a small h2o erstwhile swimming. It is important they are not drinking aliases swallowing excessively overmuch water. This tin lead to h2o intoxication.

This is erstwhile sodium levels extracurricular nan assemblage cells go importantly depleted. This is known arsenic “hyponatremia”. The cells go swollen and get bigger.

If nan encephalon cells are swollen pinch fluid it causes an summation successful nan intracranial unit and a batch of harm to nan brain. In superior cases, this tin origin encephalon harm aliases moreover decease to a dog.

Consult your vet instantly if you fishy your canine has taken successful excessively overmuch water.

Chlorine successful swimming pools

Pool chemicals and chlorine tin irritate a dog’s skin, coat, and, eyes. Speak to your excavation proviso personification for recommendations for excavation chemicals that are little harsh for dogs.

Always springiness your Sheltie a rinse-off pinch caller h2o aft swimming. If their tegument is irritated aft swimming support them retired of nan excavation for a fewer days. Consult your vet if nan tegument doesn’t improve.

Water successful nan ears

Sometimes your canine whitethorn get h2o successful its ears erstwhile swimming. When you barren your canine pinch a towel aft a swim, it is simply a bully thought to springiness nan wrong of nan ears a dry. If your Sheltie is tilting aliases shaking its caput aft swimming, they person astir apt sewage h2o successful its ears. 

This tin lead to an receptor infection. If your Sheltie does person an receptor infection you will astir apt announcement a yeasty smell coming from nan ear. Ear infections tin move rather nasty quickly. Consult your vet if you person immoderate doubts.

Hazards successful nan water.

If swimming successful a reservoir aliases stream location whitethorn beryllium obstacles successful nan h2o your Sheltie could get caught on. Look for objects that whitethorn beryllium conscionable beneath nan water’s aboveground specified arsenic character branches. Also, support an oculus retired for thing on nan banks specified arsenic surgery bottles.

It is champion to ever region your Sheltie’s collar earlier swimming to forestall them from getting caught up connected anything.

Brush your Sheltie regularly if swimming

A Sheltie’s agelong double coat, particularly nan undercoat, tin sorb h2o .and go heavy. Brush arsenic overmuch undercoat retired arsenic you tin to forestall this. When nan overgarment gets bedewed a batch it tin beryllium prone to becoming matted. After swimming, it is simply a bully thought to barren and brushwood your Sheltie to debar tangles and mats forming.

Where to aquatics your Sheltie

There are a fewer different options erstwhile it comes to places to aquatics pinch your Sheltie. These tin include

Rivers and lakes

If you person entree to a reservoir aliases river, this is simply a bully option. The shallow h2o mildly slopes into nan deeper water. This is simply a bully measurement to thief them build confidence. Be judge to guideline them from being capable to touch nan bottommost into nan deeper conception truthful they don’t get a daze and panic. Also, beware of immoderate currents successful a lake.

At nan beach

The oversea tin beryllium a bully action arsenic nan shallow h2o leads into nan deeper h2o overmuch for illustration a lake. Ensure that nan waves aren’t excessively large arsenic this whitethorn scare them and put them off. The waves and currents tin beryllium perchance vulnerable also

Also, guarantee they don’t spell retired excessively far. You tin connect a agelong statement to their lifejacket truthful you tin guideline them backmost successful if they get excessively acold away.

Swimming pool

If you person a swimming excavation aliases entree to usage a pool, this tin beryllium a bully option. Many swimming pools person steep steps to get successful which whitethorn airs an obstacle astatine first unless you are going to prime them up and transportation them in. With training, they will study really to participate nan water. Ideally, a ramp into nan h2o is best.

Always lavation your Sheltie down pinch caller h2o aft nan aquatics to region immoderate excavation chemicals from their coat.

How often tin you return a Sheltie swimming

How often and for really agelong you should aquatics your Sheltie will dangle connected their swimming expertise and fittingness level. Swimming is simply a strenuous tiring activity. A burst of 5 minutes astatine a clip is sufficient. If throwing a shot aliases artifact for them, let them to get retired aliases astatine slightest beryllium capable to touch nan bottommost betwixt throws to rest.

For a Sheltie that is simply a competent assured swimmer, you tin let them to aquatics each 2nd day. For a little knowledgeable aliases older dog, swimming erstwhile a aquatics is much than sufficient.

Fun swimming activities for Sheltie

There are galore ways to adhd other nosy to swimming pinch your Sheltie. This tin see games and toys. A fewer suggestions see –


If your Sheltie enjoys a crippled of fetch playing it successful nan h2o will springiness doubly nan workout.

There is simply a ample scope of floating canine toys and balls you tin use. View floating canine toys on Amazon here.

Doggie successful nan middle

This is nan h2o type of piggy successful nan middle. You request astatine slightest 2 group for this. Throw a shot aliases floating artifact to each aft allowing your Sheltie to aquatics towards nan personification pinch nan toy. Allow them to triumph connected juncture and springiness them a break from nan crippled if they go fatigued.


Another elemental crippled that tin beryllium tons of fun. Move distant from your Sheltie pinch a artifact successful manus and person them pursuit aft you.

Jolly Ball

A Jolly Ball is a ample astir indestructible shot for dogs that they push and pursuit around. This type of activity caters straight to your Shelties instinctive herding small heart giving them intelligence enrichment astatine nan aforesaid time. They travel successful a variety of sizes, and styles and are besides disposable pinch a grip aliases statement attached for tug of war.

View Jolly Balls on Amazon here.

Flirt Pole

A Flirt Pole besides called a Flirt Stick, is simply a agelong rod pinch a bungee statement that has a artifact aliases lure attached to nan end. You simply move it astir and person your Sheltie pursuit it. With 1 of these, you tin simply guidelines connected nan separator of nan h2o aliases excavation and person your Sheltie pursuit nan toy.

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Summary – Sheltie swimming

Every canine is an individual moreover of nan aforesaid breed and location will beryllium Shelties that emotion to aquatics and others that are not truthful keen connected swimming.

Although nan Sheltie has nary history of being utilized arsenic a h2o canine they are energetic, group orientated, and very trainable truthful tin beryllium taught to swim. It is champion to present them slow and ideally astatine a young age. However, an big Sheltie tin still beryllium taught to swim.

Introduce them to nan h2o slow and usage a lifejacket until they summation confidence.