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Can Shih Tzus Fly In-Cabin: (2023 Airline Update)

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If you’re readying to return to nan skies soon, whether for a speedy home travel aliases an world adventure, you mightiness beryllium wondering if your Shih Tzu tin subordinate you.

This article covers everything you request to cognize astir Shih Tzus and flying.

Please remember, this accusation mightiness change. Check backmost for updates!

can shih tzus alert successful cabin

Can I Take My Shih Tzu On a Plane?

Yes, successful astir situations!

Shih Tzus tin usually alert pinch you arsenic agelong arsenic they are safely successful a pet bearer and meet nan airline’s weight requirements. But there’s much to know, truthful support reading!

Always cheque nan circumstantial airline’s policies for flying pinch a pet, arsenic they tin vary.

Can Shih Tzus Fly In The Cabin With You?

Again, successful astir cases, yes. Shih Tzus tin typically alert successful nan compartment if they meet nan airline’s size and weight rules.

Here’s a imaginable weight concern:

🎯 Many airlines person a weight limit, including nan carrier, betwixt 17-22 pounds (8-10kg). Shih Tzus usually measurement betwixt 9-16 pounds (4-7kg), truthful astir should fresh wrong this limit.

👉 Good news! Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines person nary weight limit.

Your Shih Tzu will request to beryllium successful a pet bearer that fits nan airline’s regulations.

👉 Carriers should fresh nether nan spot successful beforehand of you and meet information standards.

Make judge to cheque nan airline’s rules for flying pinch a canine successful nan cabin.

Do Shih Tzus Really Fit Under Airline Seats?


Shih Tzus are mini capable to fresh “under” astir hose seats. This intends they tin comfortably fresh connected nan level wherever your legs go.

Different airlines person different rules, truthful it’s bully to cognize nan circumstantial regulations for nan hose you’ll beryllium flying with.

What About Adult Shih Tzus?

Most big Shih Tzus should beryllium mini capable to alert successful nan compartment pinch you, arsenic they typically enactment wrong nan weight scope allowed by astir airlines.

Do Shih Tzus Have To Be In a Crate In nan Cabin?

🎯 Yes, Shih Tzus must beryllium successful a bearer aliases crate connected nan level nether nan spot successful beforehand of you during nan flight.

Most airlines person a argumentation that pets must stay successful their crate connected nan floor. They are not allowed connected nan seat.

21 Airlines That Allow Shih Tzus To Fly In The Cabin (+ Weight Rules)

Here’s a database of celebrated airlines that let Shih Tzus and different dogs successful nan cabin. Remember to cheque circumstantial weight policies!

  1. Aegean Airlines (17.6 lbs max including carrier)
  2. Air Canada (22 lbs including carrier)
  3. Air Europa (22 lbs including carrier)
  4. Air France (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  5. Alaska Air (20 lbs including carrier)
  6. American Airlines (20 lbs including carrier)
  7. Copa Airlines (20 lbs including carrier)
  8. Delta (No weight limit. Must comfortably fresh nether nan spot successful front)
  9. French Bee (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  10. Frontier Airlines (20 lbs including carrier)
  11. Iberia Airlines (17.6 lbs including nan carrier)
  12. JetBlue (20 lbs including carrier)
  13. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  14. Lufthansa (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  15. Scandinavian Airlines (18 lbs including carrier)
  16. Southwest (No weight limit. Must comfortably fresh nether nan spot successful front)
  17. Swiss International Airlines (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  18. TAP Air Portugal (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  19. Turkish Airlines (17.6 lbs including carrier)
  20. United Airlines (No weight limit. Must comfortably fresh nether nan spot successful front)
  21. Vueling (22 lbs including carrier)

Always make judge to cheque pinch nan hose for their astir up-to-date rules and regulations, arsenic these tin change.

Since Shih Tzus are mostly lighter than 17-22 lbs, astir big Shih Tzus should beryllium eligible for compartment recreation connected these airlines.

Other Things Shih Tzus Will Need To Fly

Make judge you meet nan rules for flying pinch your Shih Tzu:

  • Meet nan weight, age, and size requirements
  • Health certificate
  • Rabies certificate
  • Microchipped
  • Pet passport (not always)
  • Other imaginable vaccines (depends connected nan destination)

Always hunt online for nan afloat database of requirements from nan hose and nan state you’re going to.

10 Quick Tips & Advice to Know

Safety Considerations
The information of your Shih Tzu during a formation is astir important. Some pets mightiness consciousness anxious aliases stressed owed to nan unfamiliar situation and unit changes successful nan cabin. Before flying, consult pinch your vet, who whitethorn urge calming treats, worry wraps, aliases moreover safe sedatives. Understanding your pet’s needs and taking due precautions tin guarantee a comfortable travel for your furry friend.

Behavioral Training
Preparing your Shih Tzu for formation tin make a important difference. Spend a fewer weeks earlier your travel getting your pet utilized to nan carrier. You tin play airdrome sounds astatine location to get them acquainted pinch nan situation and believe short stays successful nan carrier. These efforts will thief build your pet’s comfortableness level and make nan full recreation acquisition much enjoyable.

Long flights pinch layovers request typical planning. Research airports beforehand to find pet alleviation areas. Carry a mini container pinch essentials for illustration water, food, and a portable dish. During extended layovers, provender your Shih Tzu and springiness them a chance to relieve themselves. Planning successful beforehand helps debar immoderate last-minute stress.

In-flight Etiquette
Being considerate of chap passengers is vital. Minimize imaginable disruptions by avoiding feeding your Shih Tzu correct earlier nan flight. Make judge they’ve relieved themselves pre-boarding, too. A well-behaved Shih Tzu ensures a pleasant acquisition for everyone connected committee and reflects good connected you arsenic a pet owner.

Aircraft Temperature and Air Pressure
Aircraft cabins modulate somesthesia and aerial unit for comfort, but changes successful altitude tin sometimes distress animals. Talk to nan hose and your vet astir circumstantial concerns. Knowing these specifications tin thief you make nan champion decisions for your pet’s comfortableness during nan flight.

Airline Recommendations
Different airlines connection varying pet-friendly services. Research traveler reviews aliases ratings astir airlines’ pet handling procedures. This accusation tin supply penetration into nan champion options for you and your Shih Tzu, ensuring that some you and your pet person a affirmative recreation experience.

Emergency Situations
If your Shih Tzu becomes sick aliases shows signs of terrible worry during a flight, being prepared is crucial. Know nan airline’s policies connected in-flight emergencies involving pets. Consider carrying a basal pet first assistance kit and consult pinch your vet earlier traveling. Being prepared for emergencies, though unlikely, is ever wise.

Post-Flight Care
Upon reaching your destination, your Shih Tzu mightiness consciousness disoriented aliases stressed. Provide acquainted items for illustration their favourite toy, guarantee they are well-hydrated, and return a short walk. Playtime tin besides thief them set to nan caller environment. Giving them clip to accommodate ensures a smoother modulation to your destination.

Return Flights
The return formation mightiness person different requirements, particularly erstwhile walking internationally. Check nan policies for return trips and guarantee you person each nan needed paperwork and meet each wellness regulations. Staying informed ensures a soft return location without immoderate surprises.

Alternatives to Flying
If you deliberation flying mightiness beryllium excessively stressful for your Shih Tzu, see different proscription methods, specified arsenic driving aliases taking a train. Sometimes, leaving them pinch a trusted sitter aliases a reputable kennel mightiness beryllium best. Always prioritize your pet’s well-being and take nan champion recreation action for them.

We dream this helps! Enjoy your travel pinch your Shih Tzu!

I dream this meets your needs! Let maine cognize if there’s thing other I tin do. 🐶✈️


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