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Cat 'Handstand Walks' All His Life, is So Glad to Be Safe and Lives for Endless Affection | Radar Bromo

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A feline "handstand walks" each his life. He is truthful gladsome to beryllium safe and now lives for endless affection.

stray feline cheeksChuckEmilie

A achromatic and achromatic big-cheeked feline was brought to Animal Control aft being recovered arsenic a stray. Shelter unit were amazed by his resilience and enamored pinch his bully looks.

The feline named Chuck was calved pinch deformed hind legs but had figured retired an ingenious mode of proscription to thief him get around. "He doesn't look to usage his backmost legs and walks connected his beforehand legs for illustration he's doing a handstand," Emilie, an animal rescuer, shared.

Emilie took him successful and group up a comfy abstraction for Chuck truthful he could person much room to move astir and nan attraction he needed to thrive.

stray feline cheeksHe was recovered arsenic a strayEmilie

"Chuck has afloat emotion successful his backmost extremity and nary signs of problems. He's lived for illustration this for astir 7 years and is 1 of nan astir resilient cats I've ever met."

To thief curb his worry and stress, Chuck needed a calmer situation and much clip pinch his carer. Emilie reached retired to her friend, Lucia, who was capable to supply Chuck pinch nan cleanable foster home.

cat deformed backmost legsHe was calved pinch deformed backmost legsEmilie

"His communicative had my bosom pouring for him correct away. When I first sewage him, he was ace quiet, and he'd enactment successful nan litter container each day," Lucia told Love Meow.

"He'd travel retired to eat but was very hesitant to do truthful successful beforehand of maine for a time aliases two."

shy feline strayChuck was very awkward astatine firstEmilie

Despite being awkward and withdrawn, Chuck ne'er erstwhile hissed aliases swiped astatine his foster mom. He conscionable sat quietly, trying to understand nan world astir him.

When Lucia petted him for nan first time, his look instantly relaxed, and his assemblage connection changed. "He'd commencement rubbing against my manus nonstop. Within 3 days, he started emotion safe and rushing retired of nan litter container arsenic soon arsenic he saw me."

cat happy confidentHe came retired of his ammunition erstwhile he realized he was safeLucia

Chuck began to eat successful beforehand of Lucia and purred loudly for her. If she headed towards nan door, he'd chirp astatine her persistently until she'd springiness successful and stay.

"He is nan astir loving feline I've ever met. He's truthful trusting and sweet. He conscionable wants to beryllium loved wholeheartedly."

cat stray caput snugglesHe loves cuddle clip pinch his foster momLucia

Lucia quickly learned that Chuck would tally for nutrient successful a flash and request pinch repeated headbutts for much pets. "He perfectly lives for cuddle sessions. He's ace laid-back and funny astatine nan aforesaid time."

"He's much than happy to return a nap pinch you aliases bask immoderate playtime pinch a wand artifact aliases catnip toy."

cat handstand walksChuck walks connected his beforehand paws successful a handstandEmilie

Now that Chuck has been fixed, his marking behaviors should improve. Lucia is presently searching for nan perfect-sized litter container that he tin easy get successful and retired of.

"Daily sweeping is nan routine, and Chuck is simply a awesome motivator arsenic he follows along, making judge I return galore breaks to pet him."

cat clasp handsHolding hands pinch his foster momLucia

"He has a large purr and lets retired nan cutest chirps erstwhile he wants attraction (which is always)."

The saccharine boy lives each time to nan fullest and showers his foster mom pinch cuddles. With his mobility issues, he'll request a location that is accessible for him, but thing seems to slow him down.

cat playful toysHe loves each artifact he's givenLucia

"He enjoys astir feline toys and being astir someone. He's an easy-to-please cat. His favourite pastime is getting nice, agelong cervix scratches."

sweet feline cheeksLucia

Share this communicative pinch your friends. More connected Chuck and Lucia's fosters connected Instagram. Thanks to Emilie @emiliexfosters.

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