How To Clean a Litter Box Like a Veterinarian!

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stinking litter container pinch feline opinionated connected nan side

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Did you know, that litter boxes were nan largest conception of nan pet odor power and clean-up products marketplace successful nan United States successful 2018, weighted astatine astir 2.14 cardinal U.S. dollars? 1

Have you ever wondered what nan champion measurement to cleanable a litter container is? This tin beryllium a tricky problem to lick successful today’s world filled pinch lotsa garbage information.

It’s difficult to believe, but immoderate group don’t cognize nan correct measurement to cleanable a litter box. You whitethorn not deliberation it’s that large of a deal, but I deliberation we tin each work together it is alternatively unpleasant work.

If you’re a pet owner, you’re decidedly acquainted pinch nan vexation of feline litter container cleaning.

Because he’ll astir apt virtually way litter particulate each complete your house. You’ll walk countless hours cleaning nan various hard-to-reach places—your car, eating room table, appliances, and truthful on.

In addition, you are overwhelmed pinch questions like, how often should you cleanable your cat’s litter box? Is it basal to usage a litter container deodorizer? And what if you usage clumping litter, really often should you scoop kitty litter?

For astir people, nan worst portion astir owning a feline is cleaning retired their cat’s litter box. Unlike dogs, feline owners and their pets must travel to immoderate benignant of discuss erstwhile it comes to cleaning up aft kitty.

The cleaning options are endless, but location is simply a correct measurement and a incorrect measurement to cleanable nan litter box.

The champion measurement to cleanable a litter container is an often-debated taxable among feline owners. Some methods are much effective than others astatine keeping fur and litter odor retired of show and retired of nan nose.

A soiled container will not only beryllium bad for your cat, but it is besides unhealthy for you arsenic well.

The past point you want to do is to support your cats from utilizing their litter container because they deliberation it stinks. After all, it’s dirty!

It’s very important to support your kitty’s bath arsenic sanitary arsenic imaginable for nan wellness of you and your cat. To do that, you must study really to lavation a litter box!

Hopefully, this feline cleaning guideline helps you retired connected really to cleanable a litter container and really to scoop a litter box.

I cognize that arsenic embarrassing arsenic it is to admit, I needed it astatine 1 clip aliases another.

How do you afloat cleanable a litter box?

Let’s first look astatine really often to scoop a litter container past dive into washing a litter box.

How often to scoop litter box:

First, you request a slotted litter scoop to alteration you to sift done nan kitty litter for coagulated waste.

If you are utilizing clumping litter, nan litter scoop will thief you to abstracted nan soiled pee clumps from nan dry, unused cleanable litter.

A slotted shovel is perfect to region nan coagulated litter discarded if you are utilizing non-clumping litter.

The champion instrumentality to region mounds of bedewed litter is an unslotted scoop pinch a agelong handle.

Once your feline has utilized and near nan litter box, nan saturated litter will emit a bad odor if near sitting there.

Do not operation nan bedewed litter to operation it up pinch nan barren litter because you will extremity up soiling nan full feline box.

Pro Tip

Scoopable litter is much convenient to grip and emits little odor erstwhile soiled making it easier for you to scoop retired and clean up nan box.

Hang nan kitty litter scoop aliases spot it successful a instrumentality adjacent to nan litter container for your convenience.

To support odors astatine bay and region nan waste, you should scoop and sift astatine slightest doubly daily.

This will let your feline to find cleanable litter during his adjacent travel to nan container without having to jump complete clumps of aged soiled litter substrate.

Never flush down nan toilet clay litter

Pro Tip

The astir convenient and eco-friendly measurement to dispose of nan soiled litter clumps is by throwing nan discarded into a integrative trash container and sealing it. Throw nan container into your discarded retention instrumentality that has a lid.

Personally, I scoop doubly daily: First point successful nan greeting and dump nan litter discarded into nan container which I put into nan discarded retention instrumentality and seal it.

In nan evening, I scoop again and put nan discarded into nan integrative trash container which I now necktie up and dispose of it successful nan extracurricular trash can.

If you person immoderate other rate to spare, put successful a litter disposal system. It’s for illustration a diaper disposal strategy but for cats. How cool!

Always lavation your hands pinch soap and cleanable moving h2o aft scooping retired nan feline box.

Safety Tip

Benefits of regular scooping:

  1. You will study your cat’s litter container habits:

How often he uses nan box, nan regular output of urine and poop, nan consistency, color, and statement of his poop. You will beryllium capable to promptly statement immoderate alteration successful this and interaction a licensed veterinarian immediately.

  • It will alert you of immoderate imaginable aesculapian conditions arising:

It will thief you observe nan colour of nan urine and poop and their consistency, and moreover nan wave of utilizing nan box. If you spot humor successful urine, that is simply a aesculapian emergency, and dainty it arsenic such.

  • It keeps your feline happy:

A cleanable litter container will connection a much conducive situation for a kitty than a soiled litter box.

If you are a pregnant female pinch a cat, this is what you request to cognize astir cleaning a litter container and really to protect yourself from toxoplasmosis.


How to cleanable a feline litter box

In summation to nan regular daily scooping, you besides request to routinely cleanable nan kitty tray.

Watch this applicable two-minute video connected how to cleanable feline litter boxes:

How often should a litter container beryllium cleaned?

If you are utilizing a non-scoopable feline litter aliases nan accepted clay litter, do a thorough washing astatine slightest erstwhile a week.

If you are utilizing a scoopable kitty litter, you tin cleanable nan container erstwhile each 2 weeks.

This depends connected how often your feline uses nan litter box and nan number of cats that you own. If nan container becomes stinky contempt doubly regular scooping, set nan container washing to erstwhile a week.


The champion measurement to cleanable a litter container is by:

  • First, dispose of each nan litter successful nan tray.
  • Follow this by scrubbing nan container positive scoop utilizing lukewarm h2o and mild unscented dishwashing soap. You don’t want to time off harsh smells that tin repel cats from utilizing nan box.

Avoid utilizing ammonia-based cleaners and harsh chemicals.

Pro Tip
  • Take an other attraction connected nan corners, crevices, and immoderate joints since those are areas wherever urine stains cod and hence clasp a smelly odor. This is cardinal if you are funny astir really to heavy cleanable a litter box.
  • Air-dry nan container and scoop it outdoors successful nan sun to termination nan germs. If it’s wintertime season, indoors will person to do.
  • Add caller litter into nan quiet litter box
  • Ensure you person a spare litter container filled pinch caller litter for your feline to use, while nan different container is drying.

Your feline tin past usage nan litter container smelling fresh.

The Walmart salesperson who sold you that litter marque whitethorn person told you that since nan litter is being sifted retired while scooping, you’ll ne'er person to lavation and scrub your box. I’m sorry, but they lied! Cat pee will still travel into interaction pinch nan integrative and if not washed regularly, tin stink.

Pro Tip

If you would for illustration to cognize really to cleanable a litter container successful an apartment, travel nan supra guideline and air-dry nan container connected nan pavilion aliases moreover indoors.

Dangers of cleaning a kitty litter box

Handling feline poop and a soiled litter tray poses immoderate wellness risks to you. I person a elaborate station present connected litter container infections to quality beings.

Litter Box Cleaning Hacks:

To combat kitty litter smell and guarantee that your location smells caller and pleasant while keeping your feline happy and relaxed, present are immoderate container smell hacks.

Disposal system

  1. Keep nan container clean:

The superior method of ensuring that nan container remains odor-free is by scooping nan container doubly daily.

If you are allergic to scented litter, you tin see utilizing a look disguise while cleaning.

2. Wash nan container and switch nan litter doubly a month:

Twice regular scooping whitethorn time off retired immoderate soiled spots that cumulatively statesman to stink.

At slightest erstwhile each 2 weeks, make judge you quiet nan full litter from nan container and lavation nan container thoroughly, aft which you time off it to barren successful nan sun. How overmuch feline litter do you usage successful a month.

Here’s a hack you tin usage to guarantee that nan location stays smelling caller and clean.

Adding an other litter container to nan existing number of cats will guarantee that they person nan state of choice. This will spell a agelong measurement successful ensuring that they do not crowd successful a circumstantial container causing discarded accumulation and a bad smell.

Pro Hack

3. Invest successful a caller litter container erstwhile a year:

Cats scratch their boxes arsenic they effort to hide their poop.

With time, this creates grooves and lines of weakness wherever urine seeps making it difficult to cleanable retired and get free of the cat’s litter smell.

For this reason, dainty your feline to a caller kitty container erstwhile each twelvemonth and donate nan aged 1 to a shelter group.

Keep doing this each twelvemonth to make judge that nan aged container doesn’t clasp bad smells moreover erstwhile washed.

4. Use an enzymatic cleaner to lavation immoderate litter container accidents:

Litter container accidents are bound to hap 1 measurement aliases nan different and erstwhile they do, an enzymatic cleaner is your champion friend. Keep this successful mind.

This eliminates each nan smells from nan aboveground and ensures that your feline will not sojourn nan aforesaid spot adjacent time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should you alteration retired each nan kitty litter?

You should alteration retired each nan kitty litter erstwhile a week while cleaning nan container if utilizing a non-scoopable litter, aliases doubly a week if utilizing a scoopable litter.

Do litter boxes request to beryllium cleaned each day?

No, litter boxes do not request to beryllium cleaned each day. Clean them doubly play if you are utilizing a scoopable litter and erstwhile play if you are utilizing a non-clumping litter.

How to cleanable a litter container pinch baking soda:

Add 1 lb (0.45 kgs) of baking soda positive your mild crockery unscented washing soap into acold water.

Use this substance to scrub and lavation your box.

The bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) will people sorb odors and besides forestall nan maturation of bacteria.

What soap to usage to cleanable nan litter box:

Use mild crockery unscented washing soap to cleanable nan litter box. This will debar leaving harsh scents that whitethorn repel your feline from utilizing nan box.

How to cleanable a litter container pinch vinegar:

After emptying nan feline box, adhd achromatic vinegar to lukewarm h2o and scrub nan container thoroughly successful this mixture.

Vinegar acts arsenic a disinfectant and will temporarily forestall nan germs from emitting unspeakable smells.

Should you beryllium cleaning nan litter container successful nan bathtub?

Heck no! You should not beryllium cleaning nan litter container successful nan bathtub.

Stop being gross for crying retired loud. Do you want to lavation feline poop that tin incorporate germs making you sick, successful your bathtub?

I don’t attraction what alleged experts say, but this is simply a immense no.

No magnitude of scrubbing that bathtub will springiness you nan assurance that you tin soak successful later that evening and return a agelong unbothered relaxing bath.

The litter container smells moreover erstwhile clean:

When to alteration nan litter box:

  • If you lavation nan feline litter container it good and it still smells of feline urine, it’s clip to get a caller 1 immediately.
  • Invest successful a caller litter box aft immoderate clip erstwhile utilizing integrative boxes arsenic they clasp the feline urine odor pinch time.

How to cleanable a litter container filter:

Some covered boxes travel pinch a built-in activated charcoal select system.

This filters nan aerial connected nan outside, keeping nan location fresh, whereas odors are trapped nether nan hood.

I urge that you alteration that c select erstwhile each 3-4 months, and bargain a caller one. This nevertheless depends connected nan usage of nan box.


A cleanable litter container yet comes down to a elemental last step: regularly cleanable it! That’s beautiful obvious, but it tin beryllium easy to hide aliases procrastinate.

Still, if you travel our cardinal steps above, you’ll guarantee that you person a happy kitty and a fresh-smelling box.

Treat it for illustration immoderate different work successful your family and make cleaning nan feline container portion of your regular routine, and it won’t beryllium agelong earlier you wonderment why you ever thought it was a reliable job.

And arsenic agelong arsenic you support things clean, your feline will bask utilizing nan litter box, making nan acquisition that overmuch amended for some of you.

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