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You tin found a institution of 1 of nan pursuing 2 types successful Mauritius. First, it tin beryllium an International Company (IC) that is akin to an IBC (International Business Company) registered successful different offshore jurisdiction specified arsenic nan British Virgin Islands, for example. An IC is simply a non-resident institution for taxation purposes. Second, you tin registry an Offshore Company (OC). An OC is simply a resident institution for taxation purposes and it tin make usage of nan treaties connected double taxation avoidance signed by Mauritius connected nan information that its caput agency is located successful Mauritius.

Company charter capital

There are nary group requirements to nan institution charter superior but usually 100,000 USD is registered. An IC tin rumor 1 stock without par worth aliases 1 stock pinch par value. An OC has to rumor astatine slightest 2 shores pinch par value.

Company shares

The pursuing types of institution shares are permitted for an IC: registered shares, bearer shares, nary par value, redeemable penchant shares and voting and non-voting shares. An OC tin rumor registered shares, redeemable penchant shares and voting and non-voting shares.

Permitted types of business activities

Any type of business activities not prohibited by rule is allowed successful Mauritius. Only an OC tin supply banking and security services arsenic good arsenic get money from nan residents connected nan information that it acquires a licence from nan Government of Mauritius.

Prohibited types of business activities

An IC cannot supply financial, banking aliases security services. An IC cannot waste and acquisition wrong Mauritius. The Ministry of Finance whitethorn let an OC to transportation retired definite types of business activities successful Mauritius.

Corporate taxes successful Mauritius

An IC does not person to salary immoderate taxes successful Mauritius connected its world income. An OC is taxed astatine a progressive complaint from 0% to 35%.

Annual authorities duties

An IC pinch nan registered superior beyond 100,000 USD has to salary 100 USD per twelvemonth arsenic a licence fee. If nan institution superior exceeds this amount, nan interest is 300 USD per year. An IC without registered superior aliases pinch portion of its superior successful bearer shares has to salary 300 USD per year. An OC pays 1,500 USD.

Company registration successful Mauritius

If you are registering an IC, you person to taxable a Memorandum and Articles of relation to nan Registrar accompanied pinch a missive of consent from a registered supplier (the supplier has to definitive consent to enactment connected your behalf). If you are registering an OC, you person to taxable 3 copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, a solution connected assignment of first institution board and a secretary. In addition, you person to show having a institution agency and a ineligible reside successful Mauritius. A registered supplier besides needs to beryllium progressive successful nan process. Offshore Pro Group’s squad say that registering a institution successful Mauritius requires master support.

Company founders

One personification tin recovered an IC successful Mauritius. Minimum 2 group are required to recovered an OC successful nan country.

Requirements to nan institution name

The institution sanction tin beryllium successful immoderate connection that uses nan Latin alphabet. Using nan sanction of an existing institution is not allowed. To usage nan words Bank, Assurance, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Co-operative, Chartered, Imperial, Government, Trust, Insurance, Municipal, Royal, State, their derivatives aliases immoderate different words that propose statesmanlike aliases authorities patronage (in nan sentiment of nan Registrar), a licence is required. The institution sanction has to extremity successful a building aliases acronym signaling constricted liability of nan institution owners. The phrase/ acronym tin beryllium successful different languages:  Название компании должно заканчиваться словом или соответствующей аббревиатурой, обозначающей ограниченную ответственность: Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Public Limited Company, Proprietary, Berhad, Naamloze Vennootschap, Besloten Vennootschap, Aktiengesellschaft, Société Anonyme, Société Anonyme а Responsabilité Limitée, aliases Sociedad Anonima.

Company directors

An IC has to person astatine slightest 1 head who tin beryllium a earthy personification aliases a ineligible entity. An OC has to person astatine slightest 2 board who person to beryllium earthy persons. Directors of Mauritius companies tin beryllium citizens and residents of immoderate country. If an OC would for illustration to make usage of nan double taxation avoidance agreements, it has to person resident institution directors.

Company secretary

A earthy aliases a ineligible personification of immoderate nationality/ domiciliation tin enactment arsenic an IC secretary. The personification does not person to beryllium a resident of Mauritius. As acold arsenic an OC is concerned, it has to person a resident institution secretary.

Company address

Any institution registered successful Mauritius has to person a registered ineligible address.

Company registration timeframe

2 weeks successful a normal case.

Submission of accounting reports

Not required.

Yearly reports and audits

An IC has to support nan records but it does not person to record yearly reports to nan authorities of Mauritius. An OC has to record reports and acquisition audits.

Documents to beryllium kept successful nan institution office

Registers of institution shareholders, directors, and secretaries.

Information astir nan institution disposable to 3rd parties connected request

Names of nan institution shareholders, directors, and secretaries; Memorandum and Articles of Association; accusation astir nan registered supplier and registered ineligible address.

Treaties connected double taxation avoidance

Mauritius has made a ample number of agreements connected avoiding double taxation. In particular, specified agreements are signed pinch Botswana, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Namibia, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Sweden, nan United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

Use of apostille successful Mauritius

Mauritius has ratified nan Hague normal of 1961 and documents tin beryllium apostilled successful nan country.

Corporate authorities successful Mauritius

Business operations are regulated by nan Companies Act of 1984 (amended successful 2001 to amended differentiate betwixt offshore companies and ‘companies pinch a regular status); nan Mauritius Offshore Business Activities Act (MOBAA) of 1992; and International Companies Act of 1994.

A slope relationship successful Mauritius

You tin besides see opening a slope relationship successful Mauritius. The banks successful nan jurisdiction connection nan pursuing main advantages:

  • Companies registered successful offshore aliases low-tax jurisdictions are invited to use for banking services successful Mauritius;
  • Local banks connection a afloat scope of financial services;
  • A precocious level of banking services astatine comparatively debased costs;
  • Mauritius is simply a bully level for business operations successful Africa;
  • Personal and firm slope accounts tin beryllium opened remotely.

Cooperating pinch banks successful nan Republic of Mauritius would beryllium reasonable for a businessperson and investor. Banks successful Europe are overly regulated and together pinch information guarantees, slope clients find a ample number of various requirements that they person to meet. Due to this fact, nan slope relationship attraction costs person accrued importantly successful Europe complete nan past fewer years.

Even though Mauritius is simply a distant country, its economical reforms person been highly successful. The system of Mauritius is stable, nan level of corruption is low, and nan people’s use is perpetually improving.