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Why Does My Border Collie Sit on Me: 5 True Reasons

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You’re not unsocial if your separator collie engages successful immoderate peculiar behavior! Trust us, we know! Our collies do weird things connected a regular basis.

Most precocious 1 of them has started to travel and beryllium connected america while watching TV successful nan evenings. Well, astatine slightest she tries to!

If your collie is trying to beryllium connected you, you’ll want to cognize why this is, and if it’s bothering you, really to extremity it. Everything you request to cognize is below. Let’s get started.

why does my separator collie beryllium connected me

5 Reasons Why Your Border Collie Wants to Sit connected You

We’ve really dealt pinch this behaviour galore times complete nan past decade aliases truthful training different dogs.

In that clip we’ve sewage a grip connected nan emblematic reasons dogs do this. Let’s tally done them below!

➡️ Seeking Attention

Border Collies emotion to beryllium nan halfway of attention. If your canine is sitting connected you, they mightiness beryllium trying to show you something.

Your canine mightiness request thing aliases conscionable want to play. By sitting connected you, they cognize that they will surely get your attention. It’s for illustration a gentle nudge saying, “Hey, look astatine me!” They mightiness want a treat, a walk, aliases simply immoderate cuddles. Spending clip together tin make your canine very happy.

➡️ Showing Affection

Dogs often beryllium connected their owners to show emotion and affection. Your Border Collie whitethorn consciousness adjacent to you and wants to beryllium adjacent you. Sitting connected you is simply a measurement to consciousness that closeness.

It’s not only a motion of emotion but besides trust. Your canine mightiness beryllium saying, “I consciousness safe pinch you.” It’s a saccharine measurement to fortify your enslaved pinch your pet.

➡️ Feeling Safe

Sometimes, Border Collies beryllium connected their owners to consciousness safe and secure. Loud noises for illustration thunder aliases fireworks mightiness scare them.

Being adjacent to you helps them consciousness protected. Your beingness calms them down, and they cognize that everything will beryllium okay. It’s for illustration giving them a big, lukewarm hug.

➡️ Claiming Territory

Border Collies are known to beryllium territorial astatine times. By sitting connected you, they mightiness beryllium saying, “This personification is mine!”

It’s a measurement for them to show different pets aliases group that you beryllium to them. It’s not astir being mean aliases selfish; it’s astir emotion proud and connected to you.

➡️ Health Issues

Sometimes, sitting connected you mightiness beryllium a motion of a wellness issue. If this behaviour is caller and happens a lot, it’s a bully thought to cheque pinch a vet.

Your Border Collie mightiness beryllium emotion symptom aliases discomfort and seeks comfortableness from you. It’s ever wise to support an oculus connected changes successful behaviour and consult pinch a master if needed.

Which Applies To You?

All of nan supra are very valid reasons and it could beryllium immoderate for your collie. In bid to place nan correct trigger, it’s important to guidelines backmost and see everything.

Taking everything into discourse could thief you constrictive down nan WHY.

  • When does your collie effort to beryllium connected you? Is it nan aforesaid clip of day? What happens astatine that time?
  • Is your collie acting otherwise than normal successful general? More nervous? scared?
  • Is your collie receiving little attraction from you than regularly? Consider activity regular changes…
  • Is your collie bothered by thing successful peculiar astir nan clip she tries sitting connected you?

These are conscionable immoderate of nan questions that you could consider, that my thief you constrictive down nan existent logic down this behavior.

Of course, it’s difficult to cognize exactly, but reasoning of these things tin springiness you immoderate hints.

Should You Stop This Behavior?

One point galore owners inquire america astir this, is whether they should let it, aliases if they should actively extremity their collie and train against it.

The reply is some yes and no.

❌ When it should beryllium stopped:

If your collie is doing this retired of nerves, anxiety, aliases if she gets flustered erstwhile you do not let her to beryllium connected your lap, past it’s bully to debar letting her create this behaviour further.

When nan origin of this behaviour is thing antagonistic you don’t really want to let it. This will forestall your collie from becoming dependant connected being capable to beryllium connected your lap.

I’ve heard of galore cases wherever owners fto behaviors for illustration this descent because their canine is seeking comfort, but they soon go truthful attatched to doing it, they hide really to laic down connected nan level sensibly, and alternatively perpetually activity to jump up connected nan sofa aliases chair, which tin decidedly beryllium inappropriate successful galore situations.

✅ When it whitethorn beryllium okay to fto happen:

If your collie isn’t peculiarly anxious, scared, aliases bothered by you rejecting her attempts to get up and beryllium connected your lap, past you could fto it hap (occassionally).

As agelong arsenic your collie doesn’t hide that her spot should beryllium her furniture aliases a designated spot connected nan rug successful your surviving room, not connected your lap, past it’s good to let it infrequently.

This each comes down to whether aliases not this behaviour is being triggered by thing negative, AND really she reacts erstwhile you don’t let her to do it.

Training Your Collie NOT To Sit connected You

Training a Border Collie to not beryllium connected you tin beryllium a affirmative and rewarding acquisition for some you and your furry friend. Here’s a step-by-step guideline to thief you train your canine pinch patience and love.

Step 1 ➡️ Understand nan Reason

First, fig retired why your canine is sitting connected you. Is it attention, affection, aliases thing else? Understanding nan logic tin thief you reside nan rumor much effectively.

What to Do: Watch your dog’s behaviour and announcement erstwhile they thin to beryllium connected you. It will thief you find nan correct attack for training.

Step 2 ➡️ Prepare pinch Treats and Praise

Positive reinforcement useful wonders pinch Border Collies. Have immoderate treats and tons of praise fresh to reward bully behavior.

What to Do: Keep treats useful and beryllium fresh to praise your canine erstwhile they travel your command.

Step 3 ➡️ Teach nan “Off” Command

You tin thatch your canine a bid for illustration “off” to fto them cognize erstwhile they shouldn’t beryllium connected you.

What to Do: Start by saying “off” erstwhile they effort to beryllium connected you, past guideline them disconnected pinch a gentle push. Reward them pinch a dainty aliases praise erstwhile they listen.

Step 4 ➡️ Provide Alternatives

Give your canine a comfy spot to beryllium adjacent you, for illustration a furniture aliases a cushion.

What to Do: Guide them to nan replacement spot and reward them for sitting there. They’ll soon study that it’s their typical place.

Step 5 ➡️ Be Consistent

Training takes clip and consistency. Keep practicing, and don’t springiness up.

What to Do: Repeat nan training regularly and ever usage nan aforesaid commands and rewards. Your canine will study what’s expected.

Step 6 ➡️ Avoid Negative Reinforcement

Scolding aliases punishing your canine tin confuse them. Stick to affirmative reinforcement.

What to Do: Stay calm and patient. Focus connected rewarding nan behaviour you want, alternatively than punishing what you don’t want.

Step 7 ➡️ Consult a Professional if Needed

If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to activity thief from a master canine trainer.

What to Do: Find a trainer who uses affirmative methods and has acquisition pinch Border Collies.

Remember, training your Border Collie not to beryllium connected you is each astir patience, understanding, and affirmative reinforcement.

With clip and love, your furry friend will study nan rules, and you’ll bask a rewarding narration together. It’s a awesome measurement to turn and link pinch your awesome pet!

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