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Why Is My Pit Bull Skinny: 7 Reasons & What To Do

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Is your pit bull looking excessively skinny? You’re not alone. Many pit bull owners interest astir their dog’s weight.

The bully news? There are elemental reasons and easy fixes. Let’s dive in.

why is my pitbull skinny

Is Your Pit Bull Underweight?

Before making immoderate adjustments to your pit bulls fare aliases exercise, make judge they’re really underweight.

Sometimes, owners find retired their canine is conscionable fine.

You tin talk to a vet, aliases cheque astatine home. Here’s how:

➡️ Rib Check

When your pit bull moves, you mightiness spot nan style of their ribs. But if they’re still, nan ribs shouldn’t instrumentality retired excessively much.

It’s okay to consciousness nan ribs a little. They should consciousness for illustration they person a bladed furniture of fat complete them. They shouldn’t consciousness ace bony.

➡️ Waistline Check

Your pit bull’s waist should person a mini curve successful aft nan past rib. It shouldn’t look for illustration they’re really pulling their waist in.

➡️ Hip Check

If you pet your pit bull, you mightiness consciousness their hep bones. That’s fine. But nan hips shouldn’t consciousness excessively bony.

➡️ Weight Check

Don’t hide to look astatine their weight, too.

Weight GuideMalesFemales
Pit Bulls35-65 lbs30-55 lbs

Male pit bulls are often heavier than females. Keep that successful mind.

By doing this first, you’ll person a amended thought arsenic to whether aliases not your pit bull is really skinny to statesman with. Now let’s move connected to nan main causes down this issue.

6 Reasons Why Your Pit Bull Is Underweight

Wondering why your pit bull is excessively skinny? Let’s look astatine nan main reasons.

1. Not Enough Food ⭐

If your pit bull looks excessively skinny, possibly they’re not eating enough. They request nan correct number of calories to beryllium healthy.

Calories dangle connected age, really progressive they are, and different things. If they don’t eat enough, they won’t measurement enough.

The value of nan nutrient will besides person an effect connected nan magnitude of calories per cup. Low value canine nutrient tin person importantly little calories for nan aforesaid 1 cup measurement arsenic a precocious value food.

2. Too Much Exercise ⭐

If your pit bull is ace active, they whitethorn pain much calories than they eat. This tin make them suffer weight.

Just for illustration pinch food, your dog’s workout should lucifer nan calories they eat. Really progressive dogs mightiness request 800-1000 other calories to support their weight.

3. Bugs Inside Them ⭐

Parasites for illustration worms tin make a canine suffer weight fast. The worms eat nan nutrient earlier your pit bull can.

If your pit bull eats a batch but still loses weight, worms could beryllium nan reason.

You mightiness spot visible worms successful their poop, but don’t ever count connected it. Parasites tin beryllium moreover if we can’t spot them.

If this is nan lawsuit for your pit bull you whitethorn announcement further symptoms for illustration lethargy, different behavior, depressed, not consenting to beryllium progressive aliases participate for illustration usual, and drastic weight loss.

4. Bad Food ⭐

Quality of canine nutrient matters. If nan nutrient isn’t good, your pit bull mightiness not get what they request to beryllium healthy.

Check nan food. It should person nan correct magnitude of protein, fat, and carbs.

Pit bulls are diversion dogs that crave a precocious macromolecule diet, mean to precocious fat, and debased carb breakdown. If nan nutrient you’re providing doesn’t person a akin style macro-breakdown past this could beryllium nan cause.

5. Still Growing ⭐

If your pit bull is nether 2 years old, possibly they’re still growing. They whitethorn not person reached their big weight yet.

Keep this successful mind if your young pit bull looks skinny.

6. Health Problems ⭐

Sometimes weight nonaccomplishment comes from wellness issues. These could be:

  • Worms successful nan stomach
  • Long-term tummy problems
  • Bad teeth
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney issues

If your pit bull shows different signs for illustration throwing up, has diarrhea, being tired, aliases acting unusual, spell to nan vet.

So location you go! Now you cognize immoderate reasons your pit bull mightiness beryllium underweight. Always talk to your vet for proposal that’s conscionable correct for your dog.

Why Slow and Steady Is nan Way to Go for Your Pit Bull’s Weight Gain

So you want to thief your pit bull put connected immoderate pounds, right? But earlier you commencement piling connected nan food, let’s talk astir why taking it slow is ace important.

Not Just About More Food 👍

You mightiness think, “Hey, let’s conscionable springiness them much nutrient aliases adhd other calories!” That seems simple, but it’s not nan champion idea. If you adhd excessively galore calories excessively quickly, your pit bull will mostly summation fat, not patient muscle. That’s not nan benignant of weight you want them to put on.

Exercise Matters 👍

Did you cognize that sometimes conscionable tweaking their workout tin make a difference? If your pit bull is moving astir excessively overmuch and burning disconnected each those calories, they won’t summation weight. So you mightiness not moreover request to alteration their diet—just reside down nan workout a bit.

Find nan Real Reason 👍

Getting to nan guidelines origin of why your pit bull is underweight is really important. Is it bad food? Too overmuch exercise? Health issues? Once you cognize nan cause, you tin make amended choices to thief them summation weight nan correct way.

Helping Your Skinny Pit Bull Gain Weight

If you’ve sewage a skinny pit bull, you’re astir apt thinking, “How tin I thief them summation weight successful a patient way?” Just remember, adding tons of calories each astatine erstwhile is simply a no-no. Try 1 extremity astatine a clip and spot really it goes complete a fewer weeks.

1. Check for Health Issues ✅

First things first, make judge your pit bull doesn’t person a wellness problem. No constituent successful trying thing other if a wellness rumor is causing nan weight loss. The sooner you find out, nan amended for your pup.

2. Pick Better Kibble ✅

If your pit bull’s nutrient isn’t rich | capable successful macromolecule and fat, it’s not nan correct nutrient for them. Look for kibble that’s precocious successful macromolecule and mean to precocious successful fat but debased successful carbs. That way, each repast gives them what they need.

We emotion Orijen and Acana. These 2 companies nutrient astonishing nutrient and our dogs person thrived connected these brands for a agelong clip (with nary weight issues).

3. Watch nan Exercise ✅

If your pit bull is ace active, you mightiness request to trim backmost a little. Pit bulls are usually bully pinch astir an hr of workout a day. If yours is getting overmuch much than that, either trim it backmost aliases adhd immoderate much nutrient to their bowl. Wait and spot really they do.

4. Mix successful Wet Food ✅

Wet nutrient tin beryllium a awesome summation to barren kibble. It’s often much tasty and has much calories, protein, and fat. But don’t spell all-in pinch bedewed food; a small mixed successful pinch nan kibble is conscionable right. This tin besides thief if your pit bull is simply a picky eater.

5. Add Some Treats ✅

If treats don’t messiness pinch their main meals, spell up and springiness a fewer more. Make them activity for it though! Use this arsenic a chance to train your pit bull. These other nibbles tin thief your canine summation weight complete time.

Just beryllium smart astir treats. Pick ones pinch earthy ingredients and skip nan fatty ones. And nary array scraps—our nutrient isn’t bully for dogs.

More Helpful Tips

Last Thoughts

If your pit bull is having problem pinch weight, commencement by checking for wellness issues. Then, fig retired nan existent logic they’re underweight. Only aft that should you deliberation astir adding much calories to their diet.

If you’re ever stuck and don’t cognize what to do, don’t guess. Talk to your vet correct away.

Thanks for caring astir your pit bull. They’re fortunate to person you!


Before making immoderate decisions that could impact nan wellness and/or information of your dog, you should ever consult a trained veterinarian successful your section area. Even though this contented whitethorn person been written/reviewed by a trained veterinarian, our proposal to you is to always consult your ain section veterinarian successful person. For nan FULL disclaimer Visit Here

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